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3 years ago by |MYT|Trollzilla

MYT is pleased to announce our new dedicated server based in France.
Our servers can now be accessed as follows:

-==MYT Team Svr==- (VIP 1.1)

-==MYT World Svr==- (RD 1.1)

-==MYT Co-op Svr==- (1.1)

-==MYT Co-op Svr==- (TSS)


Limited access:

-==MYT Sandbox Svr==- (1.1)
-==MYT War Svr==- (1.1)
-==MYT Co-op Pro Svr==- (1.1)

To access to Co-op Pro Svr, ask on Discord.

3 years ago by |MYT|Trollzilla

For all interested in tactical gameplay in Arma 3, MYT has opened a new server featuring missions developed in-house.


-== MYT ==-

3 years ago by |MYT|Trollzilla

Our Co-op (TSS) server features a variety of custom maps, including but not limited to the ETS mappack.

Custom maps can be played on request, via map vote or through an admin. Regular map rotation is limited to standard TSS maps.

Download links:
Custom Maps v4 (ETS) <-- This one is the most important
Mega Map Pack v1.2 (ModDB)
Mega Map Pack v1.2 (.torrent)
Addons (ModDB)
SWAT 4 Maps by NovA

Maps from sources other than listed above may be installed on the server.
We do our best to make sure nobody is left out, if they are missing a particular map.

5 years ago by |MYT|Edward

After many weeks without sleep, we have the pleasure to inform you the Swat4 tracker by Prophet and Serge is back, and available with the link below.




To enhance your stats, you can join any of our server available on the page "Our Servers".


Thanks to Serge for his great works.


6 years ago by |MYT|dimonkey

-==MYT Co-op Svr==- Rules

- You MUST follow the server rules.

Otherwise you will be forced to leave.

There is always an option to leave.

- You MUST respect other players.

- Do NOT argue with the rules and admin decisions.

Please use the forum to solve your arguments.

- Do NOT use offensive, religious, political and other provocative nicknames.

- Do NOT play as a RAMBO and rush through the map.

Tactical gameplay is expected here.

- Do NOT endanger your team.

- Do NOT open a door while a teammate is using an optiwand on it.

- Do NOT shoot randomly at objects and walls unless you lure suspects deliberatelly and other players are paying attention as well.

- Use lethal force ONLY if a suspect is aiming at you or a civilian.

- Do NOT hurt suspects or civilians who have surrendered.

- Do NOT kill or injure civilians deliberatelly.

- Do NOT insult or argue with other players.

- Do NOT force players to press the ready button.

They will press ready when they are ready to play.

- Do NOT force players to die just to start the next map.

- Do NOT spam with commands!

- You MUST use english language ONLY.

This is an international server.



-==MYT Co-op Svr==- Advice


Things what you should keep in mind:


  • First make sure that the current area is clear before you start to arrest.
  • Do not hesitate if a suspect is aiming at a civilian. Act quickly.
  • Suspects spot you harder if you move slowly and silently.
  • Suspects can be lured to a spot where you shoot with lethal. Also they move after a random shoot.
  • Try to arrest suspects if it is possible.
  • If you see a troublemaker on the server, please make a report about to our forum (it would be helpful if you had screenshots and/or videos as well).
  • It is recommended to use TeamSpeak during a game. It makes it easier to communicate. Please use the Co-op server channel on our TeamSpeak 3 server.


8 years ago by |MYT|KapitanBomba
Post Server Rules
These are our server rules.
This applies to swat and CoD.
Please stick to them and inforce them.

      Do not argue with the rules

      Do not argue with admins

      Do not use cheats or glitches

      Do not accuse of cheating without evidence/in public

      Do not call names, insult, Harrass, use sexist remarks etc

      Do not curse

      Do not team -kill, -nade, etc deliberately

      Do not use offensive, religious, politic, senseless nicknames

      Do not spam

      Do not unbalance teams

    English language only

      Do not use colour text in key binds (Is for Admin use only)

      Do not disconnect from the server while being the VIP

      Do not Camp/Spawn Kill unless VIP There

    Do not Directly Spawn Kill unless VIP There

Call of Duty 4&5
    Do not bunny hop